Our Story

We have been in the berry business for over 30 years. Our personal philosophy is all about growing quality produce that we can sell direct to our customers. We pride ourselves on freshness, responsible food safety practices and of course taste!

Our story began in Hamilton, growing strawberries, apples and stone fruit for export, local market and our roadside shop.

With a desire to concentrate on berry fruit production we recognised the potential of the Piopio area to be a growing community.

We arrived in 1993 with 3 young children and named our business Piopio Berry Orchard hoping to promote the village and create a family business that would grow with our children. In the early years they kept themselves entertained playing in banana boxes, rollerblading up and down the concrete and caring for their pet lambs. As they grew older, they became more involved in the business - carrying boxes to customer’s cars, re–stocking… always busy.

In 2004, having purchased more land to allow us to expand, we were finally able to begin plans to extend the shop building and promote the retail side of our business.

Now twenty years on…we have four children, two grandchildren and a thriving family business which produces nearly 100 tonnes of fruit on site each year. We work hard to ensure we grow the tastiest berries possible. Once you’ve tried our berries you’ll be hooked! We look forward to seeing you at Piopio Berry Orchard.

Mike and Angela Roy

About us

Piopio Berry Orchard is a 13 hectare orchard consisting of 2 hectares of strawberry plants, 6 hectares of blueberries, 1.5 hectares of raspberries, some cows, calves, sheep, rabbits, many, many birds and our dogs, Syd and Nellie.

Visit us in Piopio

With berry ice cream for the kids, coffee for the grown-ups, plenty of parking and grass for the dogs – Piopio Berry Orchard is the perfect place for a pit stop. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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